The UP government has given its reply during the hearing in the supreme court in the muzaffarnagar slapping case of Uttar Pradesh. The UP government on friday told the supreme court that counseling facilities have been arranged for the children involved in the viral incident where a school teacher was seen instructing students to slap a fellow classmate from a particular community. Additional Advocate General (AAG) Garima prasad told Justice Abhay S. A bench headed by Oka was informed that the state government has implemented the recommendations made by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) in connection with the incident that took place in muzaffarnagar in august last year.

Workshop continues till 24th April

Garima prasad said that the counseling workshops will continue till april 24. Taking the fresh compliance affidavit on record, the bench posted the matter for further hearing on april 15. This bench also included Justice Ujjwal Bhuiyan. Meanwhile, it asked the state government to file its affidavit on the larger issue of effective implementation of the Right to education (RTE) Act and the rules made thereunder. In the last hearing, the supreme court had taken a strong stand on the failure of the UP government to provide counseling facilities to children. Also, the court had ordered the state officials to truly implement the recommendations made by TISS. Seeing the complete violation of its directions, the court had ordered the UP government to file a fresh compliance affidavit before march 1.

In the viral video, fellow students were seen slapping a 7-year-old boy on the orders of a private school teacher. The PIL filed in the supreme court sought a timely, independent investigation into the incident and directions to establish guidelines to prevent violence against students of religious minorities in schools.

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