Reportedly the troubles of Kamleshwar Dodiyar, the only independent mla of Madhya Pradesh, have increased. The medical store operator has filed an FIR against him complaining of blackmailing, assault and threatening to kill. The police have registered a case under non-bailable sections and started the process of arrest.

Meanwhile Kamleshwar Dodiyar had won the post of mla by defeating the candidates of congress and bjp in Sailana seat of Ratlam district. However, within a few months he has become embroiled in controversies. Ratlam Superintendent of police Rahul Kumar lodha said that a medical store operator from Bajana has complained of blackmailing against him. The matter came to notice on february 24, after which an investigation was ordered. The complaint of medical store operator Tapan Rai turned out to be true. After this, FIR has been registered against the mla under various sections including blackmailing. He told that mla Kamleshwar Dodiyar was trying to extort illegal money from the medical store operator by threatening him. The medical store operator says that the mla was demanding Rs 1 crore from him.

Perhaps Sailana mla Kamleshwar Dodiyar says that the allegations leveled against him are wrong. Illegal work was being done continuously by the medical store operator. The hospital was also being run illegally by him for a long time. In which he also used to perform small operations. Apart from this, he also accused the medical store operator of performing abortion. The mla says that four days ago the medical store operator came to him offering Rs 20 lakh but he rejected it and instructed him to close the illegally running hospital.

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