Reportedly the dispute between lg Vinay Saxena and cm arvind kejriwal over important issues related to the people of the national capital delhi is not stopping. After AAP leaders including the cm attacked him in the assembly on Thursday, the lg has once again written a letter to the delhi Chief Minister. In his letter, he has advised the cm to avoid intemperate language while emphasizing the importance of civility and constitutional limits.

Perhaps lg of delhi said, 'The chief minister has not yet found a solution to the proposed one time settlement scheme regarding the pending water bill of delhi Jal Board.' Let us tell you that lg Saxena and cm kejriwal had attacked each other by writing 'open letters' on this issue on Wednesday. At the same time, the chief minister of delhi had accused the Lieutenant governor of stopping the scheme. On the new letter from the Lieutenant governor of delhi, the aam aadmi party government said that Saxena could have called the chief minister to take action against the guilty officials or to discuss such an important issue raised by him. In the letter, the government said that instead they chose to ignore the wrongdoings of the officials and blamed kejriwal and the delhi government.

Moreover delhi government alleged that the kind of vulgar language used by lg in his letter is rarely used even by political rivals. Addressing the assembly on Thursday, kejriwal said that the language of the Lieutenant Governor's open letter to him was dirty. He also accused Saxena of stopping the bus-marshal scheme. Apart from this, minister Saurabh Bhardwaj, former minister Rajendra Pal gautam and AAP mla Sanjeev Jha had also targeted the LG.

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