As per report prime minister Narendra Modi has sent a letter to the mla of Mayawati's party. In the letter, he has congratulated Umashankar Singh's son and daughter-in-law for their marriage. He wished the bride and groom to live life as an ideal couple. BSP mla Umashankar Singh has expressed happiness after receiving the Prime Minister's letter. Expressing his gratitude to prime minister Modi, Umashankar Singh said, "You have given your blessings to the new couple by taking out your very busy time. It is like a feeling of God's blessings for our family."

Meanwhile the BSP mla further said that the entire family expresses its heartfelt gratitude for the love and blessings of prime minister Modi. Let us tell you that Umashankar Singh is the mla from Rasra assembly of Ballia. His son prince Yukesh Singh is married to kanika Singh, daughter of Brijesh Singh, brother of UP government minister Dinesh Singh. BSP chief mayawati had reached the wedding ceremony to bless the bride and groom. In the rajya sabha elections held on 27 February, BSP's votes went to BJP. Umashankar Singh voted for the bjp candidate.

He himself admitted that he had voted for BJP's Sanjay Seth. The ruling party also got the benefit of cross voting of seven SP MLAs. BJP's eighth candidate Sanjay Seth was successful in winning the rajya sabha elections. After the results of rajya sabha elections came out, mayawati was once again accused of colluding with bjp behind the scenes. Responding to the allegation, Umashankar Singh said that BSP will contest the lok sabha elections alone. He called bjp candidate Sanjay Seth a friend. According to the BSP mla, mayawati had the freedom to vote according to conscience. He termed the question of leaving BSP as baseless and said that he has an old relationship with Sanjay Seth.

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