According to sources madhya pradesh chief minister Mohan Yadav will visit ayodhya Dham with his cabinet on march 4 (Monday). Earlier he said that tomorrow our entire cabinet will go to ayodhya Dham. Lord Shri ram entered the house on 22nd January, it is a matter of good fortune for all of us. Due to extreme rush and busyness in the month of February, we had fixed the date of march, so tomorrow we will leave from here after the cabinet meeting." madhya pradesh chief minister Mohan Yadav has targeted the Samajwadi party (SP). Mohan Yadav said on sunday that it was believed that only one family was the contractor of the Yadav community, but the happiness is that this society has now freed itself from the contractor system.

Meanwhile while addressing the Yadav Mahakumbh organized here, he indirectly targeted the 'Mulayam Singh Yadav family', considered to be the most powerful clan of SP, and said, 'When I came, I thought that wherever I am going, it is considered like this. It is known that only one family (Yadav) is the contractor of the society, but I am happy that this society has taken itself out of the contractor system. Now he has his own identity.

Furthermore calling upon the Yadav community to join BJP, he said, 'On this occasion of today, I have come to talk among you...I have only two things. There is also the pleasure of meeting the people of our society and there is such a big sky in front of you through which we can take our society towards development under the leadership of the present successful Prime Minister.

Moreover the chief minister of madhya pradesh reminded the Yadav community of the life struggle of Lord Shri krishna and said, 'I am happy that our entire country and the entire Sanatan culture is considered to be the culture of Lord ram and Lord krishna for this very reason. No matter how many challenges there are, how much suffering there is, our eternal culture has neither bowed down, nor will it ever bow down. He said that the Yadav dynasty is the dynasty which has given the message of peace in the society by dancing on the Kaliya serpent by subduing it.

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