The dispute continues between the education Department of bihar and raj Bhavan. bihar raj bhavan on sunday (03 March) asked banks to reject the education Department's order to ban transactions from the accounts of all state-run universities except one.

The education department passed this order after the vice-chancellors of universities allegedly failed to attend the recent review meeting called by it. Meanwhile, the standoff between the raj bhavan and the education department appeared to be escalating with officials filing a police complaint against at least one vice-chancellor on Sunday. Principal Secretary to the Governor, Robert L Chongthu, ex-officio Chancellor of the State Universities, directed the banks to immediately 'de-freeze' the accounts of the universities.

The letter written on his behalf said, "Chancellor (Governor) has ordered that the order of the education Department is withdrawn." A copy of the letter has been made available to 'PTI-Bhasha'. Meanwhile, Darbhanga district education Officer samar Bahadur Singh filed an application at the university police station seeking to lodge a police complaint against the Vice Chancellor, Controller of Examinations and other officials for failing to attend the recent meeting called by the education Department. Is. bihar education minister Vijay Kumar Choudhary was not available for comment on the issue despite repeated attempts.

What is the matter?       

An explanation was asked from the Vice Chancellor and Registrar while banning the operation of bank accounts of universities that did not attend the meeting of the education Department. It was also said that why should not an FIR be registered against you? A review meeting of the examination work was called by the department on wednesday (28 February). No Vice Chancellor was present in this meeting on the orders of raj Bhavan. Kameshwar Singh, Registrar of Darbhanga sanskrit university, was kept out of the explanation.

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