Former Deputy chief minister of bihar and rajya sabha MP sushil kumar modi said that Lalu prasad Yadav's tenure as the chief minister of the state and Railway minister of the central government was a dark chapter. If Railways made a profit of Rs 90 thousand crore during his time, then where did that money go? At that time, neither world class railway stations like airports were built, nor trains like Vande Bharat and Amrit Bharat ran.

According to bjp leader sushil modi, mamata banerjee, who became Railway minister in UPA-2 after Lalu Prasad, had exposed the claim of bringing in profits. He had said that as Railway minister, Lalu prasad had committed such a scam of taking land in exchange for job, in which five members of the family had to get bail.

'The public will not allow the old era of fear and corruption to return'

Former Deputy cm of bihar Modi said that Tejashwi Yadav should tell why massacres of Dalits took place during the rule of his parents? Why were farmers' fields burnt? Why were the upper castes made to stand in a line and shot? Why were the roads in dilapidated condition at that time? Why did millions of people have to migrate to get two meals a day? He said that no matter how many rallies RJD holds now, the people of bihar will not let the old era of fear and corruption return.

Namo-Nitish duo is guarantee of development – Sushil Modi

According to bjp leader sushil modi, Namo-Nitish duo is a guarantee of rapid development in Bihar. The governments formed with RJD proved to be an open license for scams and mafias every time. PM Modi launched new development schemes worth Rs 21 thousand crores to accelerate the development of Bihar. After the formation of the nda government in bihar, it is once again working on a Rs 1 lakh crore plan to build a four-lane road and mega bridge.

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