The political atmosphere is heated due to the comments made by RJD supremo Lalu prasad Yadav on Parivaarvad and PM Modi. Union minister giriraj singh on monday (04 March) gave a big statement attacking Lalu Yadav. giriraj singh said that god forbid that there should be familyism like that of Lal Yadav.

giriraj singh was talking to journalists. He said that narendra modi has 140 crore families and we are also his family members. Lalu Yadav has 7 daughters and two sons. Lalu Yadav has created such a family that it doesn't feel good even to speak. The taunt of the family was such that he went inside and opened the way for other children too.

'PM Modi is the conductor of Sanatan Dharma'

BJP's firebrand leader giriraj singh further said, "Narendra Modi lives for the nation, will die for the nation. Don't know what kind of Hindu Lalu Yadav is, narendra modi is the conductor of Sanatan dharma of the country to the world. He is the harbinger of renaissance." That prime minister of the country, who does not go to America after becoming the prime minister, had he gone to nepal and after having darshan of Pashupati Baba, he would have had either a ghost all over his body or a rosary of Rudraksh."

giriraj singh attacked Lalu and said that he does this for Hindu votes by worshiping Tajiya at home. There is no need for a certificate as to which mosque and dargah they go to with a basket on their head. On the other hand, the opposition is raising questions on chirag paswan and upendra Kushwaha not being seen in Modi's rally. Responding, giriraj singh said that it is very good to raise questions.

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