The picture may have become clear regarding Rashtriya Lok Dal's alliance with bjp, but there is still suspense regarding who will contest from Rashtriya Lok Dal on Baghpat lok sabha seat. There are discussions everywhere whether Rashtriya Lok Dal chief Jayant Choudhary, his wife Charu Choudhary or any common worker will contest for Baghpat Lok Sabha.

Leaders and supporters of Rashtriya Lok Dal want Jayant Chaudhary to contest elections from Baghpat Lok Sabha. This will have two benefits, one is that Jayant, who has lost two lok sabha elections, will reach the lok sabha by winning the elections this time and second, it will also send a big message to Western UP. Rashtriya Lok Dal leaders and supporters are insisting that Jayant should resign from rajya sabha and contest the lok sabha elections... Baghpat lok sabha is the ancestral seat of the Chaudhary family and there is a big message of Jayant contesting and winning the elections on this seat. Will go. A section of bjp also wants that the purpose of the alliance made with Jayant Choudhary will be fulfilled if Jayant contests the elections. However, Jayant has not yet clarified the picture.

Now there is a lot of talk about Charu contesting the lok sabha elections.

Now discussions about Charu Chaudhary contesting elections from Baghpat lok sabha are also gaining momentum. There is talk that Jayant Choudhary may contest his wife Charu Choudhary from Baghpat lok sabha elections. Although a few days ago Jayant had told Charu Choudhary not to contest the elections, but now there has been an alliance with bjp and the atmosphere has also changed a lot. If Jayant does not contest the elections, then his supporters are advocating Charu Chaudhary to contest the elections. However, only Jayant will take the final decision.

If not Jayant and Charu then who will be the candidate from Baghpat Lok Sabha?

Anything can happen in politics. If Rashtriya Lok Dal supremo Jayant Chaudhary and Charu Chaudhary do not contest the elections, then who will be the candidate from Baghpat lok sabha seat? This question is being raised in the entire western UP. Now in such a situation, many names including Rashtriya Lok Dal National Secretary Dr. Rajkumar Sangwan, former mla Ajay Putthi, Rashtriya Lok Dal National General Secretary Rajendra Sharma are coming forward. Among these, the name of Dr. Rajkumar Sangwan is leading. However, nothing can be said clearly until Jayant Choudhary makes an announcement.

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