Former minister Harish Rao's key comments will exist..?

Former minister harish rao participated in the preparatory meeting for the warangal Parliament election. He said josh appeared after Kadiam srihari left the party. He said that there is a desire among the activists to teach a lesson to srihari who betrayed the party by taking the posts and the ticket for his daughter.

Srihari said that the party would not change and asked him to answer why he changed now. They demanded that if Kadiam had moral values, he should resign from the post of MLA, which came from BRS. congress governments are falling in many states across the country. Eddava said srihari joined such a party. Hardworking workers must be recognized. He made it clear that there is no intention of re-admitting those who have betrayed. He said that warangal has been a land of movement since the beginning. He has supported BRS. He praised the workers who work in such soil, washing their feet and sprinkling it on their scalp. BRS party has worked hard for the development of Warangal. They said that they have brought five medical colleges, a super specialty hospital, and a textile park.

CM revanth reddy says that he will remove the Kakatiya arch which is the official symbol of the state government. He said that the Kakatiya Arch is a symbol of the self-respect of the people of Warangal. harish rao made sensational comments that if the six guarantees and assurances given by the congress are implemented then vote for the congress, if not do not vote for the BRS. Activists do not lose heart. Dare said that hardships are not new to us. He called upon the activists not to explain to the public the failure of the congress government in fulfilling its promises. bjp was also criticized. He explained why kavitha would have gone to jail if they had joined hands with the BJP. He criticized them as Jodi if they joined bjp, otherwise ED. There is no question of congress coming to power in Delhi. He said on this occasion that voting for it is futile. He said that kcr has worked a lot for the welfare of minorities. If you vote for BRS, your voice will be heard in the legislature. Former minister harish rao says that BRS work is over. But BRS will exist as long as telangana exists.

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