Manohar Lal Khattar's target on the rally of I.N.D.I.An alliance...

The reaction of former haryana Chief minister manohar lal khattar to the rally of india Alliance at Ramlila Maidan in delhi on sunday has come to light. He said that a rally should have also been held. They feel that if we do something with the sympathy of others then perhaps some message will be sent to the public. However, they do not know that the public understands whom they are supporting on what issue. manohar lal khattar said that the person who drowned in the quagmire of corruption, ED has provided evidence against him (Arvind Kejriwal) and currently he is behind bars, the court has also refused to grant him bail If anyone goes to support that person, he will also lose whatever he has left.

Targeted at Congress

Along with this, while addressing the meeting of Gharaunda workers, former cm manohar lal khattar said that not all people in congress are bad. Some people are also good, who think that they cannot do any good to their country or state by being in Congress. Those leaders feel that by staying in bjp we can do something good. Because the values and thoughts of the bjp are different. Along with this, he said that the bjp welcomes good leaders, but if there is no good leader then it rejects him.

What did Khattar say when he called bjp a washing machine?

On the opposition often calling bjp a party with washing machines, manohar lal khattar said that before joining any leader in bjp, it is found out whether his background is good or not. bjp focuses on that. Along with this, on making Naib Singh saini the Chief minister, Khattar said that there has been a reshuffle within the party, but the party has not changed.

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