There will be a twist on this seat of Maharashtra?

There is a possibility of a new twist on Madha's seat in the lok sabha elections in 2024. Although the role of Mohite Patil is not clear, it seems that the state president of Sambhaji Brigade is interested in the Madha lok sabha elections. State President of Sambhaji Brigade, praveen Gaikwad has met Sharad Pawar. In such a situation, a twist may be seen once again in Madha lok sabha elections. Pawar and Gaikwad met in delhi on Sunday. It is reported that Madha's candidature was discussed in this meeting.

Praveen Gaikwad has claimed that if Mohite Patil does not contest elections from Madha then I am ready for elections. Everyone's attention is focused on what decision sharad pawar will take regarding the Madha lok sabha seat. Since praveen Gaikwad is close to sharad pawar, will sharad pawar play a new game by nominating him?

What did praveen Gaikwad say?

Praveen Gaikwad said that Mohite Patil is committed to contesting elections from the Madha constituency. If he contests the election on the trumpet symbol, he will be elected. I have told sharad pawar that if he does not blow the bugle, I am ready to fight Madha. If he does not take any decision soon, I will contest the elections. He also said that I am ready for elections. Now everyone's eyes are on who will get the nomination in Madha.

Who will get the ticket?

Madha lok sabha constituency has been in discussion for the last few days. Mohite Patil had said that this was our decision. After this, he sought candidature from the BJP. But bjp directly gave ticket to Ranjit Singh Naik Nimbalkar who is the sitting MP. After this, discussions started about Mohite Patil being angry. Therefore, many people thought that he would join Sharad Pawar's group and play the bugle, but he did not play any role. Now praveen Gaikwad has met Sharad Pawar. praveen Gaikwad has said that if Mohite Patil does not contest elections from Madha then I am ready for elections.

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