Tug of war between Congress-BAP regarding alliance?

There is less than a month left for voting in the lok sabha seats of Mewar, Rajasthan. Voting on Mewar seats will be held in the second phase on april 26. Due to less time for voting, bjp and congress candidates are campaigning vigorously every day on 4 seats of Mewar and Vagad and are attacking each other fiercely. There is political tension in the Banswara lok sabha seat of Vagad. congress has not yet declared its candidate here. Behind this, there is speculation about the alliance between the Bharat Adivasi party and the Congress. At present neither the alliance has been finalized nor has congress declared its candidate.

 However, amid speculations about the alliance, the Bharat Adivasi party has declared its candidate. If there is an alliance between these two, how strong will their position be here and what will be the challenge for BJP? Let us try to find out.

What is the reason for Congress's trouble?

Talking about rajasthan assembly elections, there are Vagad (Banswara 5 and Dungarpur 4) seats, but due to one seat being in udaipur lok sabha, there are 8 assembly constituencies in Banswara Lok Sabha. Out of these 8 assembly seats, 5 seats are held by congress, 2 by bjp, and one seat by Bharat Adivasi Party. Despite this, congress is in a political crisis because veteran leader Mahendrajit Singh Malviya has joined the BJP.

After leaving congress, bjp has made Mahendrajit Singh Malviya its candidate from this lok sabha constituency. This has created a political crisis for Congress. There is discussion in the political circles that congress has two options, firstly it should ally with the Bharat Adivasi party and secondly, it should field its candidate. The name of Vikas Bamnia, son of former minister Arjun Bamnia, is in discussion in the race for candidates from this seat.

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