Former cm ashok gehlot said - 'Two chief ministers are in jail...'?

Before the lok sabha elections, former chief minister of rajasthan and senior congress leader ashok gehlot targeted the bjp central government. On Monday, april 1, ashok gehlot said that the situation in the country is bad for two reasons. On one hand, the country has been looted through electoral bonds, and on the other hand, two Chief Ministers are in jail. congress leader ashok gehlot said that corruption is so much that Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman's husband had to say that electoral bonds are the biggest scam in the world. Aiming for the BJP's central government, he said, 'More than 400 slogans are being given for the next government. This confusion is being spread among the people so that everyone votes for him.

Ashok Gehlot calls electoral bonds 'big corruption'

Attacking bjp on electoral bonds, former cm Gehlot said that due to the action taken by him, two Chief Ministers are in jail. The country has been looted through electoral bonds. Send ED and take Rs 100 crore, Rs 50 crore. This is huge corruption. ashok gehlot said that electoral bonds are so corrupt that Prabhakar, husband of the country's Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman, is saying that this is not the country's but the world's biggest scam. Congress's bank accounts were frozen but the supreme court has stopped it. Have stayed.

Ashok Gehlot angry over the freezing of Congress' bank account

The congress leader said, 'America, Germany, and the United Nations also found it necessary to comment on us. The whole world is feeling whether this time the elections will be fair or not.' He said, 'If the United Nations is saying what a farce is this? If you ban the account of any political party, then how will they contest elections? This is democracy, everyone should be free. He said, 'I think that we will get full benefit from the environment that is being created and people have understood their (BJP's) moves.'

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