VD Sharma countered on Digvijay Singh's statement...

The rhetoric of the candidates contesting the lok sabha elections is becoming sharp. madhya pradesh BJP President VD Sharma got enraged over former chief minister Digvijaya Singh's demand to conduct elections through ballot paper. He said, "Will Digvijay Singh decide this? It is the job of the election commission to conduct the elections. He said that Digvijay Singh is so afraid of defeat, then why is he contesting the elections? The law and the election commission will do their work. Digvijay Singh Will decide." He also accused Digvijay Singh of lying.

'If you are afraid of defeat then why are you contesting elections'

VD Sharma took a dig at Digvijay Singh not contesting the lok sabha elections from Khajuraho. He made it clear that the law and the election commission will do their work. Let us tell you that while addressing the election rally in Malwa, senior congress leader Digvijay Singh once again raised questions on EVMs. He said, "Do you all want to conduct lok sabha elections through ballot paper or EVM machine? Those in favor of the machine should raise their hands. The answer from the crowd is that we do not like the machine."

VD Sharma angry about Digvijay Singh's statement

Congress leaders are continuously raising questions about EVMs. congress has placed its bet on 77-year-old Digvijay Singh from the Rajgarh parliamentary seat of Madhya Pradesh. Senior congress leader Digvijay Singh is contesting elections on a traditional seat after 3 decades. From today he has started the padayatra. The padayatra that started from the Sumner assembly will cover eight assemblies of the lok sabha constituency. It is believed that a political storm will arise due to the statement of Digvijay Singh who went on the padayatra.

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