Exodus of leaders from congress continues in Chhindwara...

Congress faces the challenge of stopping migration in the home district of former chief minister Kamal Nath. In Chhindwara, one leader after another is leaving congress and joining BJP. In recent times, many congress leaders have joined the BJP. Amarwada mla Kamlesh Shah joined the BJP. Many congress leaders including the Mayor, NSUI district President, and Municipal Corporation Chairman also joined the BJP.

Amarwada mla Kamlesh Shah has revealed the stampede in Congress. He has said that the public representatives of the area want development and the dream of development remained unfulfilled during the tenure of former chief minister Kamal Nath. He bluntly said, "We all want development". Kamlesh Shah was asked whether Chhindwara had not been developed during Kamal Nath's tenure. He said in clear words – No. It is clear from the MLA's revelations that congress leaders are questioning the "Chhindwara Development Model".

MLA spoke on the question of 'traitor'

Sharp attacks are being made from the election platform against the leaders who have joined the BJP. Kamlesh Shah, who was elected mla from Amarwada three times in a row, is even being called a 'traitor'. mla Kamlesh Shah was seen avoiding answering the question. He clearly said that there was nothing to say in the matter. He says that he only wants the development of Chhindwara.

'Kamal Nath made him capable of this'

Congress state spokesperson Swadesh Sharma targeted Amarwada mla Kamlesh Shah. He said that it was former chief minister kamal nath who made Kamlesh Shah capable that today he is being tested in BJP. He said that kamal nath was the one who put all the leaders on their feet in Chhindwara. kamal nath will not be affected by Amarwada mla joining bjp but after a few days, the true picture of bjp will be visible.

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