Senior bjp leader amit shah launched a scathing attack on congress leader rahul gandhi and the opposition alliance, asserting that there is no comparison between the national democratic alliance (NDA) led by prime minister Narendra Modi and the 'India' alliance of opposition parties. 

Describing the 'India' alliance as a coalition of 'familyists' and corrupt individuals, Shah expressed confidence in the BJP's ability to surpass the target of winning over 400 seats in the lok sabha elections. Speaking in Bengaluru, Shah highlighted the stark contrast between Modi's leadership and rahul Gandhi's conduct, emphasizing Modi's unwavering commitment to india compared to Gandhi's frequent foreign visits.

Shah unequivocally stated that the upcoming elections will witness a clear contest between the BJP-led nda, under Modi's leadership, and the 'India' alliance, comprising what he termed as 'familyists' and 'corrupt people'. Addressing party workers, Shah emphasized the widespread support for Modi, noting that slogans of 'Modi, Modi' resonate across the nation, underscoring the Prime Minister's popularity among the masses.

Asserting confidence in the BJP's electoral prospects, Shah outlined the party's goal of securing victory in all 28 lok sabha seats in Karnataka. He urged party workers to strive for a significant increase in votes, setting a target of 60% vote share for the bjp alliance. Shah emphasized the need to prevent the congress from securing any seats in karnataka, vowing to uphold transparency and integrity in governance, contrasting it with what he termed as the 'arrogant' coalition of corruption led by the opposition.

Shah also aimed at the congress, highlighting alleged corruption scandals amounting to Rs 12 lakh crore during the UPA regime, including various high-profile scams. He accused the congress of prioritizing corruption over public service, positioning Modi as a leader of integrity in stark contrast to the Congress's record.

Furthermore, Shah criticized rahul gandhi for his frequent foreign trips, contrasting it with Modi's relentless dedication to serving india without taking a single day's leave. Shah reiterated the nation's unified support for Modi, dismissing any competition from the opposition and emphasizing the BJP's commitment to good governance and accountability.

Accompanied by senior bjp leaders, including BS Yediyurappa and Pralhad Joshi, Shah's remarks underscored the party's determination to secure electoral success in karnataka and beyond, positioning Modi's leadership as paramount for the nation's progress and development.

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