Is this the BR's campaign weapon in parliament elections..?

Former minister Kadiam Srihari's jumping car has become a full boost for the party. election money was found as a campaign tool for that party. The Rose leaders who have increased the speed of the campaign are putting a gun on Kadiam's shoulders and trying to defeat the Congress. If you have the values that Kadiam srihari talks about all the time, they demand with open arms that you should resign from the position of mla who won on the BRS flag.

There is a debate in the political circles that the BRS party has got a campaign weapon in the form of Kadiam srihari for the parliamentary elections. BRS leaders are on fire targeting Kadiam Srihari. Kadiam Srihari's ethical words. Where have the values gone, did you pledge the values for the daughter..? They are targeting Kadiam srihari in a range. For the first time after the change of the Kadima party, the warangal parliament BRS party held a wide-scale meeting. Chief leaders including former ministers harish rao and errabelli dayakar rao attended this meeting. Former ministers, MLAs, MLCs, and all the major leaders have criticized Kadiam Srihari.

MLA Palla Rajeshwar reddy alleged that there was a conspiracy three months before Kadiam srihari switched parties. Kadiam srihari said that Aruri Ramesh and pasunuri dayakar were deliberately expelled from the party. Palla said that Kadiam srihari turned his back on NTR, Chandrababu Naidu, and kcr and did dirty politics. Kadiam is claimed to be Srihari's brand in back pain relief. mla Palla Rajeshwar reddy and MLC Pochampally srinivas reddy demanded that if Niti is honest, she should resign from the post of MLA. Palla Rajeshwar reddy warned that Kadiam Srihari's entire corruption log is with him and india will fall.

I am the one who gave the mla ticket to Kadiam srihari and I am also the one who gave the minister post. Ex-minister Errabelli made sensational comments saying that I was the one who took the lead in defeating his child in the upcoming parliamentary elections. The number of ticket aspirants in the BRS party has increased after Kadiam srihari changed the party. More than 25 people are waiting for the warangal ticket. Errabelli said that they were ready to defeat Kadiam.


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