The pre-poll survey conducted before the 2024 lok sabha elections underscores the growing importance of economic issues in shaping voter preferences. While opposition parties are highlighting concerns such as unemployment and inflation, the ruling bharatiya janata party (BJP) is banking on the momentum generated by the ram mandir movement to secure a third consecutive term.

However, the CDS Lokniti Pre Poll survey indicates that economic concerns, including unemployment, inflation, corruption, and the overall economic downturn, are paramount for voters. The impact of these changes is felt most acutely by the poor and middle class, while the affluent remain relatively unaffected.

Despite indicators suggesting a positive trajectory for the economy, a majority of surveyed individuals express difficulty in finding employment, particularly urban men. The central government shoulders the blame for the unemployment crisis, according to three-quarters of respondents.

Inflation emerges as another pressing issue, with two-thirds of participants noting an increase over the past five years, disproportionately affecting rural communities. While some individuals report improved financial management compared to 2019, half of the poor population struggles to meet household expenses.

Interestingly, the significance of unemployment and inflation as electoral issues has surged, with half of respondents prioritizing these concerns in the upcoming elections, compared to just one in six in 2019. This shift underscores the evolving priorities of voters and poses a potential challenge for the BJP's electoral prospects.

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