AAP's first reaction to Rajkumar Anand's resignation...

The political temperature has heated up with the resignation of delhi government minister raj Kumar Anand. After raj Kumar anand resigned from the post of the minister and the aam aadmi party, now the first reaction came from the party. sanjay singh and Saurabh Bhardwaj have stated on this matter while holding a press conference together. On behalf of aam aadmi party it was said, 'After today, one question will be closed. Do you doubt in your mind as to why the party disintegrates after the ED raid? The intention behind ED's action is to eliminate AAP. bjp is the criminal party of this country, which is using agencies to break the party and the government. Today, every mla and minister of AAP is being tested as to how to stand together in this difficult time.

Will raj Kumar anand join bjp now?

On behalf of Saurabh Bhardwaj and sanjay singh, it was said that this is the same raj Kumar anand, whose house was raided by ED for 23 hours. The entire bjp was saying that raj Kumar anand is corrupt. It remains to be seen whether from today till tomorrow the person whom bjp has said is corrupt, will garland him and include him in his party or not. sanjay singh said, 'BJP people have no character.' sanjay singh and Saurabh Bhardwaj said, 'When we were aware that bjp was contacting our MLAs and trying to break the party, then everyone used to ask, how can we say this? Now this question should be asked to BJP.

CM Kejriwal's support till shortly before the resignation

It is noteworthy that raj Kumar anand, shortly before resigning from the party, had targeted the Modi government by posting in support of cm Arvind Kejriwal. Just an hour later, he left the party claiming that the aam aadmi party was involved in corruption. Meanwhile, Saurabh Bhardwaj said, 'We had repeatedly said that the motive behind the arrest of cm arvind kejriwal is to topple the governments of delhi and punjab and break the party. Not every man is Sanjay Singh. I think he got scared. Many times he told the party leaders that as soon as I became active, I got a call. patel Nagar is a reserved seat. Rajkumar anand knew that he would lose to bjp and would come third.

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