When will the mayor and deputy mayor elections be held? 

The election of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of delhi Municipal Corporation will be held on 26th April. A meeting of the delhi Municipal Corporation house has been called for elections on 26 April. The tenure of the present Municipal Corporation Mayor Shelly Oberoi and Deputy Mayor Ale Mohammad Iqbal is about to end. It is being told that this year the mayor's seat has been reserved for the scheduled caste and Tribe category. In such a situation, churning is going on in the parties. delhi Municipal Corporation Secretary Shiv prasad has given this information by issuing a press release. It has been told that the general meeting of delhi Municipal Corporation will be organized on 26 april 2024 at Shyama prasad Mukherjee Civic Centre. The election of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor will be held in this meeting of the corporation. Let us tell you that under the rule, in the first year, the mayor is elected a woman, in the second year a general, and in the third year a member of the scheduled caste is elected. In such a situation, a scheduled caste mayor will be elected in 2024.

Possibility of alliance between AAP and Congress

  Councilors, all lok sabha MPs of delhi, rajya sabha MPs, and 14 MLAs cast their votes in the election of Mayor and Deputy Mayor. MCD elections in delhi could be bjp vs Congress-AAP alliance. It is being told that talks are going on between the two regarding this. aam aadmi party won the MCD elections, hence it has the maximum number of councilors. congress has the least 9 councilors in MCD. AAP also has MLAs and MPs but only congress councilors will vote.

In whose favor are the figures going?

If we look at the figures, the number of aam aadmi party councilors is 134, three MPs and 13 MLAs. An independent is also in support. While the bjp has 104 members, it has the support of one independent. All 7 lok sabha MPs from delhi belong to him. There is support from one mla and 10 nominated members. If there is an alliance between AAP and congress then the numerical strength will be greater.

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