CM Arvind Kejriwal's sugar level deteriorated in Tihar Jail…

Regarding the health update of delhi cm arvind kejriwal, who is lodged in tihar jail, AAP sources claim that his sugar level has increased. chief minister Kejriwal's sugar level has deteriorated. If sources are to be believed, in the health bulletin of cm arvind kejriwal, fasting blood sugar was stated as 160, whereas normally it should be between 70 to 100. For information, let us tell you that on april 1, 2024, cm arvind kejriwal was sent to tihar jail in judicial custody. He is in barrack number 2 of Tihar Jail. cm will remain in custody till 15th April.

What did tihar jail sources say?

At the same time, according to sources in tihar jail, cm Arvind Kejriwal's weight has increased by one kilo. Besides, sugar level is also maintained. When chief minister arvind kejriwal went to jail on april 1, his weight during the medical examination was 65 kg, and on april 7, his weight was 66 kg. Also, the sugar level is well maintained and he is said to be completely healthy.

Copy of jail rules given to cm Kejriwal

Let us tell you, that a copy of the jail rules has been provided to delhi chief minister arvind kejriwal, who is lodged in tihar jail in the delhi Excise Policy case, on his request. This information has been given by sources of the news agency PTI. Confirming this, an official of tihar jail said that any prisoner can read any book available in the jail library. cm kejriwal had demanded three books from the jail authorities - Ramayana, Mahabharata, and 'How Prime Ministers Decide'. According to sources, kejriwal and other aam aadmi party (AAP) leaders lodged in tihar jail have also been provided mosquito nets in their cells. An official said that as per the provisions, prisoners can be given mosquito nets in their jail.

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