The enraged passenger threatened a 'nuclear bomb'…?

There was chaos in Akasha airlines flight number QP-1334, which arrived from rajkot in gujarat on april 5 at Delhi's indira gandhi International airport, when two air passengers told the aircraft staff about nuclear bombs near them. Threatened to happen. Immediately, keeping in mind the safety of the passengers, they were brought down from the plane and both the passengers were handed over to the IGI airport police. However, no bomb of any kind was recovered from them.

The police arrested him for threatening and spreading terror. From where he was later released on bail the police have started investigating the matter. According to the information received from the police, the security supervisor of Akasha air SNV Aviation told in the complaint given to the police that, 'Two air passengers Jignesh Malan and Kashyap Kumar Lalani expressed dissatisfaction with the security check after the landing of flight number QP-1334. After this, he asked why when he had been investigated earlier, was he being investigated again.

Both had reached delhi in connection with business.

On this, the aircrew said the need for an investigation citing security protocol, but he got angry about this. After this, one of them allegedly said that they had a nuclear bomb. After this both the passengers were handed over to the police. During interrogation, the accused passengers said that they do construction business in rajkot, Gujarat. He had come from gujarat to Dwarka, delhi to meet a business associate in connection with railing material. Further investigation is ongoing in this matter.

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