BJP attacks AAP on raj Kumar Anand's resignation…

BJP's reaction has come after the resignation of delhi Minister raj Kumar Anand. delhi bjp says that "this was bound to happen." raj Kumar anand did not agree with AAP's policy on corruption. bjp said that thankfully now the real face of cm arvind kejriwal has started being visible to the people of his party. While sharing the video of raj Anand's press conference, delhi bjp wrote on 'X' that "AAP leader and delhi government cabinet minister raj Kumar anand has resigned from the party and the post." raj Kumar anand did not agree with the party's policy regarding corruption. He also said that AAP is immersed in the quagmire of corruption. Now think, this was bound to happen. ,

AAP leaders are seeing the real face of kejriwal - BJP

BJP said that on the one hand, it is kejriwal who is involved in the liquor scam and is not resigning from the post, while on the other hand, you are the party leaders who are fed up with the corruption of their leader. raj Kumar anand has resigned from the post accusing him of corruption. He says that the party is stuck in the quagmire of corruption. He said that I do not want to get my name associated with these corrupt practices." raj Anand sent his resignation to the cm office. After his resignation, he alleged that there was no point in remaining in a party that retreats from the representation of Dalits. raj Kumar anand is the mla from patel Nagar.

This was your response to your resignation.

On the other hand, your reaction has also come in this matter. Saurabh Bhardwaj said in the press conference that after today one question will be closed as to why the party disintegrates after the ED raid. Efforts are being made to eliminate aam aadmi party through ED. Today, each of your MLAs and ministers is being tested as to how to stand together in these difficult times.

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