How many strongmen did RJD give tickets to in the elections? 

Rashtriya Janata Dal has released the list of names of its 22 candidates for the 2024 lok sabha elections. In this list, two daughters of RJD supremo Lalu prasad Yadav, Misa Bharti, and rohini Acharya, have been given a place in the election field, while Lalu prasad has given place to many people with a clean image as well as musclemen. Gave a chance. Tickets have been given from popular seats.

There are some names in the list of 22 candidates whose names were used to spread panic. The first name is of Vaishali candidate Vijay Kumar Shukla alias munna Shukla. Their identity is also revealed by linking them to the underworld. munna Shukla lived comfortably even inside the jail. Elder brother Chhotan Shukla was also powerful. He died in 1994. muzaffarpur DM G Krishnaiah was beaten to death during Chhotan Shukla's funeral procession in which munna Shukla's name also came up.

With this, munna Shukla started being recognized as dabangg in muzaffarpur and Vaishali. During that time he also earned a lot of money in contracting. The name of then bihar government minister Brij Bihari prasad was involved in the murder of munna Shukla's brother, who was murdered on june 3, 1998, in IGMS, Patna. munna Shukla's name had come up in that murder case also. From that time he remained in jail but the process of demanding ransom from the jail and committing many criminal cases continued. Many serious cases like murder, kidnapping, and ransom are registered against munna Shukla. He is still on bail. However, he was acquitted by the high court on July 25, 2014, in the murder of minister Brij Bihari Prasad.

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