BJP changed candidate on asansol seat, what will Pawan do now?

Bhojpuri superstar Pawan Singh was made its candidate by the bjp from the asansol seat. After the statements made by TMC leaders, the controversy started increasing to such an extent that Pawan Singh refused to contest elections from Asansol. Now bjp has given a ticket to SS Ahluwalia from this seat. This is a big blow for Pawan Singh. The big question is what will Pawan Singh do now?

Pawan Singh spoiled his game by posting this!

When the list was released by the bjp, the name of Pawan Singh appeared from Asansol. However, Pawan Singh announced within 24 hours that he would not contest the elections. One of his posts probably spoiled his game. He had written on social media on march 3, "I express my heartfelt gratitude to the top leadership of the Bharatiya Janata Party. The party trusted me and declared me as the candidate for asansol, but due to some reason I will not be able to contest the elections from Asansol."

After no, Pawan Singh again posted and said yes

However, Pawan Singh has announced that he will not contest the elections. Ten days later, on march 13, he again made a post on X. He wrote, "I will contest elections to fulfill the promise made to my community, public, Janardan and mother. Blessings and cooperation of all of you are expected." However, in this post, he did not tell from which seat he would contest the elections. In such a situation, now that bjp has given a chance to another candidate, the question arises whether Pawan Singh will contest the elections from any independent seat.

The party did not like the behavior of Pawan Singh.

Let us tell you that Pawan Singh got his first blow when he was dropped from the BJP's campaign list. There were names of many Bhojpuri stars but Pawan Singh's name was not there. In such a situation, the way Pawan Singh first refused and then said that he would contest the elections. In such a situation, the question is whether the bjp did not like this behavior of Pawan Singh. Now it has to be seen what Pawan Singh’s reaction is.

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