Tejashwi and mukesh ate fish... Opposition felt the thorn! 

Tejashwi Yadav had posted on tuesday (09 April) after eating fish with mukesh Sahni in the helicopter, regarding which bjp people said that Tejashwi is eating fish on the first day of Navratri. Responding to this, Tejashwi said, "We had posted this video only to take the IQ test of the bjp and we were proved right in our thinking. The bjp people failed in the test."

'Chilli has been added'- Tejashwi

Tejashwi Yadav further said that the date is written in the but what do the poor blind devotees know? mukesh Sahni has also mentioned chili. It also has chili. bjp people see only religion in everything. That's why they don't see anything else, they lack knowledge, so they can't understand anything. At the same time, mukesh Sahni also responded to this and said, 'If this is an edible thing then should we not eat it? After posting, Sahni wrote, “If this is an edible thing then should we not eat it?… The date of april is written in the video as 8. But the opposition has nothing in the name of agenda.

What was Tejashwi's post?

Let us tell you that on tuesday (April 09), Tejashwi Yadav posted a video from his X handle, in which he was seen having lunch in a helicopter with VIP Chief mukesh Sahni. The date of the video is given as 08 april, but bjp says that the video should be on the first day of Navratri. Tejashwi ate fish on Navratri, while Tejashwi said that I had put a date with the video, which was not visible to the blind devotees. Now this proves that bjp people have got chili, as mukesh Sahni had said in the video.

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