These 6 women candidates of Lalu will compete with veterans...

In the lok sabha elections 2024, bjp and JDU did not give tickets to even a single woman candidate in the nda alliance on 40 seats in Bihar, while Chirag Paswan's party LJP ram Vilas worked to save its reputation by giving tickets to two women. The Grand Alliance also kept making statements on this. Now RJD has announced the names of candidates for 22 of its 23 seats and made its list public and the most shocking thing in this list is that seeing the opportunity for 6 women candidates out of 22, RJD has given a befitting reply to bjp and JDU.

Misa Bharti from Patliputra lok sabha seat

Among the six women brigade candidates of Lalu prasad Yadav, two women candidates are the daughters of Lalu prasad Yadav in RJD Supreme, while two women candidates are the wives of bahubali and Dabangg. Two women candidates are well-educated. Among Lalu's two daughters, Misa Bharti from Pataliputra is the elder daughter of Lalu prasad Yadav. She is a PhD, but her main identity is in the election field against Lalu prasad Yadav and she is trying her luck for the third time in the election field from Lalu prasad Yadav's traditional seat Patliputra. However, Misa Bharti says in the election field that she is the daughter-in-law of Patliputra Lok Sabha.

Rohini acharya from saran Lok Sabha seat

Lalu prasad Yadav's second and beloved daughter Rohini acharya is also contesting this time from her father's traditional seat Saran. Rohini acharya is also an educated woman and lives in singapore with her husband. She came into the limelight after a kidney transplant to Lalu prasad Yadav. This time, the opposition is also worried about Rohini acharya when she contests the elections, although Lalu Yadav is the main identity in both seats.

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