Where is MY-BAAP in the list of RJD candidates? 

Lalu prasad Yadav's Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) has formally announced candidates for 22 seats for the lok sabha elections in Bihar. RJD has not fielded candidates in Siwan, the stronghold of Shahabuddin. congress is contesting 23 out of 40 seats under agreements with the Left and mukesh Sahni's Vikassheel Insaan party (VIP). RJD says that everyone has a stake in its list. However, after this list, the share of Muslims is being discussed the most. A user named Abdul Raqib Nomani wrote on the X-post of RJD spokesperson Kanchan Yadav, "This is not the list of RJD but the list from the RSS office." In which Muslims have been made politically handicapped. They have been deprived of political participation. Seeing the list, it seems that RJD is zero this time too.

In response to this, Kanchan Yadav said, "My dear younger brother, 4 out of 10 i.e. 40% in the Legislative Council are Muslims. RJD has given more than 35% of Muslims in the commission. There are 6 MPs in the Rajya Sabha, out of which 2 are Muslims. One person's time has just ended. In the assembly elections, RJD had given the maximum number of Muslim candidates compared to other parties. Currently, there are 12 Muslim MLAs in RJD, which is the highest among other parties. It is very sad when people like you work for Rs 2 for BJP's agenda. I sympathize with you, try asking for a ticket from the BJP.

RJD has given a maximum ticket to Yadav in its list of 22 candidates. Whereas the number of Muslims is only two. Many users have raised questions regarding this. Whereas RJD has rejected these claims and clarified. To break the image of Muslim-Yadav (MY) party, RJD leader and former deputy chief minister Tejashwi Yadav has been calling RJD a party of MY (MY)-Baap (BAAP). In BAAP, B stands for Bahujan, A for Agda, A for half the population i.e. women, and P for Poor i.e. party of the poor.

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