Akhilesh Yadav made a big claim on Brajesh Pathak…

Samajwadi party leader and former Uttar Pradesh cm akhilesh yadav has made a big verbal attack on yogi government minister Brajesh Pathak without naming him. Akhilesh wrote on the social media site The bjp government should open the 'Batora Ministry' and give it to this General Spokesperson. Recently, Brajesh Pathak apologized to Arvind Rajbhar, leader of the Suheldev Bharatiya Samaj party and son of Om Prakash Rajbhar in Ghosi. Akhilesh has claimed that bjp will not win the Ghosi lok sabha constituency. Akhilesh had reacted on this issue earlier also.

The SP leader had said - This is the arrogance of the dominant people of bjp, who are forcing the leaders of their fellow parties to bow down and apologize, this is the height of insult. Akhilesh had said that the entire bjp party should collectively bow down and apologize for this misdeed. bjp has insulted not just one person but the entire society from which he comes. Rajbhar society will vote against the bjp in protest against this insult and will uproot the feudal thinking of the BJP.

Arun and Arvind had given the answer

Rajbhar's younger son Arun Rajbhar also gave a quick reaction to Akhilesh's comment. He had said – If SP considers it wrong to bow one's head and take blessings from the workers, then it could be a disease of SP. Apart from this, SubhaSP candidate from Ghosi Arvind Rajbhar has also given clarification on this entire matter. He had said- A video is viral on social media and the opposition is making baseless allegations that I was forced to apologize. deputy cm Brajesh Pathak asked me, I was seeking blessings from the party workers to seek the blessings of the public, in any big program or rally of my party, I bow to my party workers, the opposition has something to offer them. There is nothing left, this is just the beginning.

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