Swami prasad Maurya's words on Lord ram again deteriorated…

After separating from the Samajwadi party, Swami prasad Maurya once again stated Lord Ram. He said that Lord ram, who is the giver of life to all of us, is the giver of life…how can the prime minister or any chief minister give him life? In a special conversation with ABP News, Swami prasad Maurya spoke openly about the statements made regarding Sanatan Dharma. On SP being uncomfortable with his statements, he said that I am not worried about whether someone is comfortable or uncomfortable. We belong to the Samajwadi party, so we say what socialism says.

What did Maurya say to ABP News?

Swami prasad Maurya said, "We never pointed a finger at Lord Ram. Lord ram is respected by everyone. He is the god of crores. god is omnipotent. He is present everywhere. He is believed to be the giver of life to all and the one who gives life to all. How are we going to give him life? How can PM Modi give him life, how can any chief minister give him life? By consecrating his life, he wants to prove that we are not from Lord Ram…Lord ram is from us because we are in Lord Ram. They are sacrificing their lives and making them alive by consecrating their lives.

Regarding the pran Pratistha ceremony in Ayodhya, Swami prasad Maurya said, performing pran Pratistha is against the dignity of Lord Ram. We are not respecting him but are insulting Lord ram whom crores of people consider as their idol. They worship him with devotion. Hurt their sentiments. The correct thing is that there is no common public in this. people from a particular party...some organizers...people from that particular party are its chief guests. Swami prasad Maurya has been continuously in the headlines for his statements regarding Ramcharitmanas and Sanatan Dharma. Samajwadi party also distanced itself from him for this reason, after which Maurya resigned from the membership of SP and formed a new party. However, he has announced support for india Alliance in the upcoming elections.

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