There is no escaping the shadow of doubt falling on me- director Aamir!

I will prove that I have nothing to do with the allegation against me, I will speak about it one day soon, I am still saying that I am ready for any investigation,” said director Aamir.

 A surprise raid at Amir's house

Former DMK executive and producer Zafar Sadiq was arrested on charges of smuggling drugs worth Rs 2,000 crore. He also directed a movie called Periyavan by director Aamir Pradhan. In this situation, due to the fact that director Amir was in contact with Zafar Sadiq, the Narcotics Control Unit called him to delhi and conducted an investigation. Following this yesterday, the enforcement department raided Amir's house. In this hectic situation, director Aamir attended a special Thital prayer held at Tamukkam Maidan in madurai on the occasion of Ramzan.

Are you being targeted and investigated? Answering the question, he said, "I cannot say for sure, but I will talk about it one day." Is there a motive in the enforcement investigation? To the question, I can't say for sure but, indeed, I haven't been able to speak for a month, I am the one who passes by saying that god is great.

Is the enforcement investigation fair? As to the question, the investigation is fair. I don't know if there is pressure to investigate or not, the ED trial was completed last night. An investigation is underway. So please give me some time to discuss this fully.

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