In the run-up to the 2024 lok sabha elections, wayanad constituency in kerala has emerged as a focal point of political attention, with former congress President rahul gandhi contesting from this seat. However, amidst the electoral fervor, a new debate has ignited following a demand by bjp leader K Surendran to rename sultan Bathery city to Ganapativattom.

Surendran contends that prior to Tipu Sultan's invasion of kerala, the area was known as Ganapathivattom, thus advocating for a name change. He raised concerns during his campaign regarding Tipu Sultan's historical invasion of Malabar, criticizing the congress and LDF for referring to the place as sultan Bathery. He questioned the rationale behind naming a place after an invader and stressed the significance of reclaiming its original name.

Moreover, Surendran accused the congress and LDF of aligning with Tipu sultan, alleging that the historical figure was responsible for religious conversions, particularly in wayanad and Malabar regions. He referenced BJP's longstanding stance on this issue, dating back to Pramod Mahajan's advocacy in 1984.

In response, kerala Tourism acknowledged the historical name of sultan Bathery as Ganapathivattom. The electoral contest in wayanad features prominent candidates including rahul gandhi, BJP's K Surendran, and ruling LDF candidate Annie Raja. As the election unfolds, the debate surrounding the renaming of sultan Bathery adds another layer of complexity to the political landscape in Wayanad.

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