MLC kavitha did not get relief in the court..!?

It is known that Kavitha, who was already arrested by ED and in jail, was arrested by cbi on april 11. kavitha approached Delhi's Rouse Avenue court in this case. It is known that Kalvakuntla Kavitha, who has already been arrested once in the delhi liquor scam case, has been arrested by the cbi today (April 11). While the Enforcement Directorate first arrested Kavitha, the cbi arrested kavitha who was in tihar jail yesterday. However, kavitha went to court regarding this cbi arrest. However, there was a tipping point for her. The judge refused an emergency hearing.
On the same day (April 11), kavitha approached Delhi's Rouse Avenue court against the CBI's arrest. Kavita's lawyers filed a petition before the cbi Special court Judge Manoj Kumar's bench against the CBI's arrest. Kavitha's lawyers Rana and Mohit Rao argued before the judge that the cbi arrested Kavita without giving any notice. After hearing the arguments, the judge said that there were no arguments related to the liquor case before him. He said that he did not know the details of that case. He said that he cannot give any relief in this case.CBI said that there is no information about the case. Here only arguments are being made on emergency judgments. The judge directed to file the petition before the regular court tomorrow (April 12) at 10 am. The cbi court transferred the petition filed by Kavita's lawyers to the bench of Magistrate kaveri Bhaveja. This petition is expected to be heard tomorrow at 10 am.

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