Pawan kalyan has a majority of more than one lakh: Hyper Aadi..!?

Hyper Aadi participated in the election campaign in pithapuram on behalf of Pawan Kalyan. Among the star campaigners of the janasena is Hyper Aadi. tv actor hyper aadi created buzz in pithapuram of kakinada district. He campaigned on behalf of Pawan Kalyan. Among the star campaigners of the janasena is Hyper Aadi. It is known that pawan kalyan is going to contest as mla from Pithapuram. Participated in the hyper aadi campaign in support of Pawan Kalyan. The election campaign has started in Endapalli village of kothapalli mandal. Later, Aadi expressed his confidence that pawan kalyan would get a majority of more than one lakh in Pithapuram. Already Pawan Kalyan's brother nagababu is also participating in promotional activities here.
Along with him today hyper aadi also participated in the election campaign. hyper aadi said that no matter what house they go to, everyone says that they vote for Pawan Kalyan. hyper aadi reminded that pawan kalyan never waited for funds. He led his party and spent his own money. He said that pawan kalyan is a capable person who can develop the constituency with his own money. He said that if such a person wins, the pithapuram constituency will be made in a range. He said that all the telugu people all over the world talk about Pithapuram. Just as people come from abroad to visit Hyderabad, if pawan kalyan wins, people will come from everywhere to see Pithapuram.Hyper Aadi said that he is currently not participating in tv and movie shootings. Aadi said that he will campaign only for pawan kalyan during this month. He said that he would participate in the shootings only after the elections were over. He said that he would contest in 21 constituencies including pithapuram where the candidates of the janasena party are contesting till the end of the election campaign.
It is known that 21 assembly seats have been allotted to Jana Sena as part of an alliance with tdp and BJP. 2 more parliamentary seats have been allotted. janasena party recently announced star campaigners for campaigning on behalf of the candidates. The party announced general secretary konidela nagababu, cricketer Ambati Rayudu, choreographer johnny Master, film actor Sagar (Mogalirekulu fame), Prithvi (30 years industry), Hyper Adi, getup srinu and others as star campaigners.

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