The famous ford company is one of the most popular car brands in India

Ford: ford Endeavor coming back to threaten the indian market. but with a different name - what's the reason? Full Details!

Ford Endeavor: The famous ford company is one of the most popular car brands in India. In this case, ford is launching a new car in india soon.Between 2003 and 2006, Port's Endover became the most popular car in the indian market. Arguably the first time an SUV has received such a massive reception in india, Ford's Endeavor is hugely popular.

After Tata's Sierra, the Endeavor became the most loved car among Indians. In this case, after about 20 years, now ford company is taking a new initiative. It plans to relaunch its flagship Endeavor in the indian market by 2025. But this time the car will be launched in the indian market under the name of Port Everest instead of the same name. This new Everest car will be brought as a CBU. CUB stands for Completely Built Unit, which means that the car will not be built in the country of sale, but will be completely imported. It may get a larger diesel V6 engine in India. Also available with a 10-speed automatic.

Although ford has not officially announced its plans to re-enter india, the CBU ford Everest is expected to be launched in india by the end of 2024. local production is expected to start by 2026 and the Everest is expected to be priced between Rs 60 lakh and Rs 70 lakh.

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