It's my fault; Ena Mannichirunga - Jyotimani apologized to women and girls in Karur

Congress candidate Jyotimani got down from the campaign vehicle and apologized to the women for the delay in going to the campaign in Karur.

Congress candidate Jothimani said he apologized to the public in Karur

Jyotimani, who has been announced as the candidate of the congress party of india Alliance in Karur constituency, is actively campaigning in the entire constituency. Executives from DMK and allied parties are collecting votes for the hand symbol in support of him. In this situation, congress party candidate Jyothimani today went to various areas including Andangovil East, Andangovil West, and Attur division under Karur assembly Constituency along with DMK and alliance party officials, and engaged in the intense election campaign.

At that time, due to the delay in campaigning in the areas under the eastern panchayat in Andango, the women of the area were waiting for more than an hour with the aarti plate. After this, Jyothimani, who was campaigning in the area, got down from the campaign vehicle, panicked, and ran away, apologizing to the women and girls who were waiting with the aarti plate. After that, Jyothimani, who was involved in the campaign, highlighted the projects implemented during his tenure and collected votes for the hand symbol

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