Survival by driver ingenuity, people fought and rescued an old man trapped under the train

The public has praised the driver who saw an old man crossing the tracks near Tirupur railway station stop the express train and take the train back to save his life.

An old man who was trapped under a train while trying to cross the track in Tirupur was rescued safely

An express train from jaipur to coimbatore arrived at Tirupur railway station today at 3.30 pm as usual. This train stops at Tirupur and leaves at the specified time to pick up passengers. Then, an old man suddenly crossed the rail near Tirupur Kallampalayam.

Seeing this, the train driver immediately tried to stop the train by using the emergency brake. However, the train passed the old man and stopped. The old man got trapped under the train engine. Following this, the train driver and the train staff came running and tried to rescue the old man. But the old man could not be rescued.

After this, the train was reversed and the old man was rescued. The old man also escaped with minor injuries as he immediately lay down on the tracks on seeing the train. The public has praised both the train drivers who acted tactfully by stopping the express train immediately for the old man who crossed the tracks. As a result, the express train was delayed by half an hour.

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