Trending leopard. U-TURN from thanjavur and re-entry in Mayiladuthurai!

Two cages have been placed in Nandalar area of Tanjore district as the next step in the search and hunting, as no leopard was caught in the cages. It has been reported that while the forest department was searching for the leopard in Tanjore district, it made a U-turn and moved back to Mayiladuthurai.

On the 2nd, a leopard entered the nagar area in the mayiladuthurai district. The Forest Department, police Department, and fire Department have been searching for it since the morning of the third day. The cheetah, which migrated from urban to suburban areas, roamed the areas of the Cauvery Palangaviri Yellow River. 3 days ago, the leopard migrated to kanchi Wai area, which is 22 kilometers away from mayiladuthurai, while the forest department has taken serious action to catch it by placing cages and installing surveillance cameras.

Leopard's footprints and remains were found on the banks of the Nandala River. Following this, the forest department set up the cages and surveillance cameras installed in mayiladuthurai in the areas of kanchi Vai, Karuppur, Beravoor, and the banks of Nandalaru and manjula rivers. But as the leopard was not caught in the cages and no leopard was recorded in the surveillance cameras, two cages were placed in Nandalar area of Tanjore district as the next step of the search.

While the forest department was looking for the leopard near mayiladuthurai district in kumbakonam circle of thanjavur district, Nandalaru Weeracholan river area, this night in Adiyamangalam railway line, next suburb of mayiladuthurai, the youths working at a privately owned place preparing working gravel mix were sitting on the railway line after eating. A leopard was seen breaking a tree branch and leaping into the nearby forest.

After informing the forest department and the police department, they searched and hunted in the area at night using a thermal drone that takes pictures at night. In the morning, the forest department is going to start a search operation again in the area as the footprints of a leopard are found at a particular place. When the public breathed a sigh of relief that the leopard had left mayiladuthurai district, the leopard made a U-turn and returned to mayiladuthurai, causing great shock and panic.

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