TDP chief chandrababu naidu emphasized the importance of the alliance between telugu desam party (TDP), Janasena, and bjp for the welfare of andhra pradesh (AP). Drawing parallels to their successful alliance in 2014, Naidu expressed confidence that history would repeat itself in the upcoming elections. He pointed to the overwhelming support received at alliance gatherings as evidence of the public's endorsement, asserting that victory for the tdp alliance was assured.

Naidu countered rival jagan Mohan Reddy's call for a confrontation, declaring readiness for an "unforgettable war" at the polls. Dismissing Reddy's attempts to incite discord among castes, Naidu highlighted the enduring strength of tdp in regions like Godavari districts and Konaseema. He recalled past electoral victories and predicted a similar outcome this time.

Addressing criticism from reddy and Pawan Kalyan, Naidu dismissed it as part of the political game, questioning Reddy's governance record and citing widespread dissatisfaction among various sectors in AP. He warned that the incumbent government's days were numbered, attributing their alleged insecurity to the growing momentum of TDP's campaign.

Asserting TDP's commitment to social justice, Naidu pledged support for marginalized communities like BCs and Kapus. He reiterated the alliance's motto of fostering societal well-being, emphasizing the tdp government's dedication to serving all sections of society. Naidu's fiery rhetoric underscored his determination to reclaim power and steer ap towards progress under the TDP-led alliance.

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