We know that telugu desam party leader chandrababu naidu ... janasena Party leader pawan kalyan is currently touring Ubhaya Godavari district. As part of that, they recently organized a huge road show on behalf of the alliance candidates in Ambaji Peta of P.Gannavaram Constituency. A huge crowd came to this road show. With that, this road show became a huge success.

After this, Prajagalam Sabha was started. chandrababu naidu and pawan kalyan gave a joint speech. chandrababu naidu said that the large number of people coming to this assembly and expressing their enthusiasm with shouts and shouts, only if chandrababu naidu sees your enthusiasm will it be understood that the alliance is going to come to power.

He also said that when the alliance comes to power, he will put the first signature on Mega DSC. He said that these elections are very important for the state and the time has come to check the five years of hell, crisis and problems. pawan kalyan said that even if the flags of their parties are different, development, welfare and protection of democracy is the agenda. Our three parties have come together to protect the state and reassure the youth.

I am contesting from Pithapuram. Very close to your area. He said that he will show you the solution to any problem very soon. And since chandrababu naidu and pawan kalyan are touring together in both Godavari districts, there is a special craze for this tour in this region.

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