We know that YS sharmila, the daughter of former chief minister of andhra pradesh YS Rajasekhar reddy, founded a party on 8 July 2021 under the name "YS Telangana". After she founded the party, those who did not get tickets in BRS, congress, BJP, which had a good craze in telangana state... those who did not have proper identity in those parties followed her. She also criticized many telangana leaders in the party's Kotta.

In some cases the comments made without knowing what they are talking about have even gone viral. sharmila also did padayatra in many parts of telangana for some time. Many comments made by her as part of this padayatra also went viral. Konda Raghava reddy was one of the telangana leaders who followed her after she founded the party in telangana state.

He traveled along with sharmila in telangana for a long time. After traveling with her for a long time, he became fired with her when she announced that she was merging her party with the Congress. He also expressed his dissatisfaction and resigned from that party. After that, he criticized Sharmi saying why is there a party in the name of ysr and merging it.

Sharmila has already merged her party with the congress in telangana and has now entered the andhra pradesh congress Party. But Konda Raghavareddy, who has changed her state, is not leaving Sharmila. He is currently roaming in kadapa district. He is mistaking Sharmila's behavior. Talking about the way she behaved in Telangana... the way she is behaving in Andhra, he criticized sharmila a lot.

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