Every political party definitely has a star campaigning batch. Those parties field such people during elections. If those parties think that the competition will be strong there, they will help to increase some percentage of votes by conducting campaigns with star campaigning batch.

We know that Pawan Kalyan, who is one of the top heroes in the telugu film industry, started a party called "Janasena" many years ago. After launching the party, many thought that the janasena would have many star campaigners from the industry. But it is not happening that way. And this time too, there is no big star campaigner in Pawan Janasena's party.

He is contesting from pithapuram constituency this time. Already nagababu from janasena party, former indian cricketer Ambati Rayudu, Aadi and some Jabardast comedians are in pithapuram as star companions. Leaving aside the matter of nagababu and Ambati Rayudu, janasena treating Jabardast batch as star campaigners makes people laugh a bit.

In pithapuram, Adi has already started door-to-door campaigns to attract voters. As part of that, he has been saying that janasena leader pawan kalyan will get a majority of more than one lakh votes. Leaving aside the majority of one lakh votes, the people there are of the opinion that if a person like Adi has campaigned, is there any possibility of Pawan being of any use.

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