Inter-caste marriages have not only become increasingly common but have also proven to be politically advantageous for many leaders, especially in regions like Rayalaseema. The political success of three women leaders in rayalaseema can be attributed to the strength of their husbands' social class. These marriages have brought together different communities and contributed to their political rise.

Usha Sri Charan, hailing from Rayadurgam, rose to prominence after winning as mla of kalyan Durgam and subsequently becoming an ap Minister. Her husband, Sri Charan reddy, belonging to a prominent social community, played a crucial role in her political journey, securing her ticket and providing local support.

Similarly, mla Jonnalagadda Padmavathy, representing Shinganamala, owed her political career to her husband Aluru Sambasiva Reddy's initiative. Despite previous unsuccessful attempts, her husband's efforts led to her victory in the 2019 elections.

Kuruba Deepika, currently contesting from the hindupuram constituency for YSRCP, benefits from her husband Venugopal Reddy's local influence as a contractor. Their membership in the social group has garnered significant support from voters in Hindupuram.

These couples share common traits: love marriages, affiliation with the ruling party YSRCP, and husbands belonging to the reddy social group. While their political success may appear coincidental, the impact of these inter-caste marriages cannot be overlooked. They have effectively bridged communities and contributed to the political landscape of Rayalaseema.

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