YCP leader and sitting mla Bolla Brahmanaidu, who is trying to win once again in vinukonda constituency of Ummadi guntur district, is fighting. Wherever he goes, people who used to worship him, now stay away from him. In the background of the propaganda that Bolla is coming, people in those areas are leaving home saying that they have other work to do. As a result, Bolla tours are becoming expensive.

However.. those who are observing these results.. are commenting that everything has been done. When they were in power.. they didn't let anyone come near them.. Now they are asking how they can come and ask for votes. Others are discussing the aggression of Bolla Thanayudu Giribabu. They say that they used to collect a fixed rate for each item.. They say that they have never seen such a situation in the constituency. And when Bolla was an mla for five years, there are criticisms that the development in vinukonda was not enough.

Also, the problem of drinking water in the suburbs of the constituency is creating more problems for Bolla. It is noteworthy that even those who received the schemes did not say that it was due to Bolla's kindness. The volunteers wrote their names.. They are saying that they have given it because they deserve it. Also, half of Reddy's social class, who was Bolla's right-hand man before the last election, has left.

Moreover.. kamma social class has completely distanced it. Even though a meeting was arranged with the kamma class on wednesday and Thursday, even half of the seats were filled. The kamma caste is alleging that in the last five years they have not been able to make even an effort to give them darshan. They say that they have not been given an opportunity to mention the problems here.. They say that they are not in a position to campaign locally.

At least it is not accessible to the people.. Those who asked questions were seen as worms.. How much have you eaten from TDP? Saying that... they are pretending that they cannot work now. Analysts believe that Bolla has almost lost his hand. Let's see if they will recover even in the next week.

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