Politics indeed has its share of unpredictable twists and turns, often leaving observers surprised by the sudden shifts in alliances and strategies. The recent developments in the run-up to parliamentary elections exemplify this reality, with parties like the BRS and congress engaging in unexpected manoeuvres.

It's not uncommon to witness former adversaries forging alliances and becoming allies seemingly overnight. The BRS leaders, who were once critical of the congress, have now decided to join forces with them. Similarly, the congress, in a bid to secure a lok sabha seat, is willing to collaborate with the Majlis, despite their history of animosity towards each other.

The dynamics in Hyderabad's parliamentary constituency are particularly intriguing, with the congress considering fielding a weaker candidate to benefit the Majlis. However, the AIMIM, which is expected to ally with congress, appears to be drifting away from the BRS. Asaduddin Owaisi's appeal to revanth to field a weaker candidate underscores the complexities of political alliances and rivalries.

Amidst these negotiations and realignments, the congress high command has signalled its intention to field a bc candidate in Hyderabad, indicating a strategic move aimed at maximizing electoral prospects. In the ever-shifting landscape of politics, such manoeuvres reflect the pragmatic approach adopted by parties to navigate the electoral terrain and secure their interests.

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