The political landscape in andhra pradesh is heating up as the state gears up for simultaneous assembly and lok sabha elections on May 13. With major political parties announcing their candidates and intensifying their campaign efforts, the focus is now on winning over the electorate with promises and manifestos.

Various survey agencies have been conducting polls to gauge public sentiment, taking into account factors such as candidate lists, campaign strategies, and public perception. The results of these surveys consistently indicate a favourable outlook for the ysr congress Party (YSRCP).

Several prominent survey agencies, including Janmat, Political Critic, LokPol, and AtmaSakshi, have released their findings, all pointing towards a resurgence of the YSRCP. The latest addition to these surveys is the Naganna survey, which collected opinions from a substantial sample size of 1,05,000 individuals across 157 constituencies.

According to the Naganna survey, the YSRCP is poised to secure victory in 103 assembly constituencies in the upcoming elections, indicating a strong wave of support for the ruling party. On the other hand, the alliance between the TDP, BJP, and Jana Sena is projected to secure only 39 seats, with a tough contest anticipated in the remaining 33 constituencies.

In terms of lok sabha seats, the survey suggests that the YSRCP is likely to win 20-25 seats, further consolidating its position in the national legislature. These findings underscore the YSRCP's growing dominance in andhra pradesh politics and indicate a challenging electoral landscape for its opponents.

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