Sanjay Raut countered PM Modi's attack and mentioned kangana ...

Election activity has intensified in Maharashtra. Rival parties continue to accuse each other. Meanwhile, shiv sena UBT leader sanjay raut has targeted PM narendra Modi. sanjay raut said, "PM Modi ji had come and he had also said the same thing. uddhav thackeray ji's shiv sena is fake and sharad pawar Saheb's nationalist congress party is fake, so what is real, which you have torn from our party and placed at your feet? Raut also claimed that Mahayuti would not be able to win even a single seat in Mumbai.

sanjay raut said, "The one on whom allegations of Rs 70,000 crore Shinchen scam were leveled and whom you wanted to send to jail, his party is real." The way you are making statements against sharad pawar and uddhav thackeray after coming to Maharashtra, there is fear in your mind, you are afraid of uddhav Thackeray. You know that the people of the state will stand strongly with thackeray in the elections.

sanjay raut on seat sharing in Mahayuti

On seat sharing in NDA, sanjay raut said, "What should I say about that?" There are 6 seats in mumbai, my challenge is that Mahayuti will not win even a single seat out of them. If shiv sena also gets the mumbai North seat, we will win from there too.

Raut said this on varsha Gaikwad's displeasure

On varsha Gaikwad's displeasure, sanjay raut said, "I don't think she is angry. varsha Gaikwad is the President of mumbai Congress but we have to defeat the dictatorship and varsha ji will remain with us.

Sanjay Raut's reaction on kangana Ranaut's pappu statement

sanjay raut attacked kangana ranaut and said, "This Pappu will make you sit in the house." Will not send you to Parliament. We are people who fight. There are no sycophants. The country is in crisis. The country's democracy is in crisis and whoever calls mumbai a mini-Pakistan, will face the same fate.

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