The governance in andhra pradesh seems to have come to a standstill since the announcement of the assembly and parliament elections. chief minister Jagan mohan reddy appears to be prioritizing election-related activities over governance matters. There have been no reviews or face-to-face discussions with authorities on any matter since the election schedule was announced on march 26. 

This lack of engagement raises concerns about whether any directives are being issued behind the scenes. The state is facing various challenges, including a ban on fishing from april 15 to june 14, leaving fishermen unemployed during this period. It is expected that the chief minister would address such issues and provide support to affected families. However, there has been no action taken in this regard.

Moreover, rising temperatures and rainfall in some districts require prompt action and direction from the chief minister to ensure the well-being of the people. Unfortunately, there has been no indication that cm Jagan is prepared to address these pressing concerns. Furthermore, the distribution of pensions scheduled for May 1 needs proper planning to avoid any disruptions. However, there is no sign of planning from the Chief Minister's office.

While the election schedule may demand attention, the chief minister has the authority and responsibility to address governance issues, including matters related to peace, security, and natural disasters. However, it appears that cm Jagan's focus is solely on election-related activities.

In contrast, prime minister Modi is actively reviewing various issues, including temperature and national security, demonstrating effective governance practices. The lack of attention to governance matters may lead to cm Jagan being perceived as primarily focused on election activities rather than fulfilling his duties as the Chief Minister.

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