Sajjala ramakrishna Reddy, the YSRCP State General Secretary, has refuted claims suggesting that the ruling party YSRCP is changing its candidates for the upcoming andhra pradesh elections. He clarified that if candidates have been selected after four to five months of careful consideration and announcement, there is no truth to the rumours of candidate changes within the YSRCP.

He attributed these rumours to false propaganda spread by the tdp alliance on social media to divert attention from the chaos within their party. reddy emphasized that there will be no changes to YSRCP candidates unless there are four individuals who decide to switch parties. He addressed specific instances where rumours suggested potential changes, such as the case of Vasantha krishna Prasad, the sitting mla from Mylavaram, who is contesting from the TDP. 

Despite requests from minister Jogi Ramesh, there are no plans to alter the candidacy of Sarnala Tirupathi Rao, the YSRCP candidate for Mylavaram. Similarly, rumours circulating about Rajini's seat changing from Chilakaluripet to guntur MP, as well as potential seat changes for other candidates like Kilaru Roshaiah and Mahesh, were all dismissed by Sajjala ramakrishna Reddy.

He cautioned against the spread of false news, particularly as the elections draw near, and attributed such misinformation to the TDP's attempts to sow discord. reddy expressed confidence that the people would see through these tactics and hold the tdp accountable in the elections.

Additionally, he warned against potential actions by chandrababu naidu if he were to come to power, suggesting that he would replace current volunteers with members of the Janmabhoomi Committee, and urged the public to remain vigilant and informed.

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